Can You Swim with Human Hair Weaves

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2019

What's the best choice to spend the summer?
Surfing, swimming, sunbathing or playing the volleyball on the beach. 

Yeah, go to the seaside is the best choice.

 Sexy bikini pairs with body wave human hair weaves, or curly human hair wig will make you look charming and sexy.

But there also a problem many people concerned, that is whether they can swim with the human hair weaves on. The answer is of course yes!

 You definitely can go swimming with your human hair weave on, but you need to make
 some preparations for your swimming.

First, before you go swimming, 

you should make some protections. If you wear the hair extensions to swim. You should make pay attention to your edges. Detangle the hair with a wire brush very softly, and split your hair down the middle into two parts, and braid each section, once you finish one side, and you may repeat the same process on the other side, this hairstyle will be quite convenient for you to swim in the ocean or swimming pool.

Second, when you finish your swimming. 

Here several steps for you to care for your hair. First, you should wash your hair to prevent the harm from the salt water. Start from your edges and the roots of your hair, and let the shampoo cover the rest of strands. Apply the conditioner on your hair, make it cover your hair, and use a big clip to clip the hair up, leave the conditioner in the hair for about 10 minutes, and rinse the conditioner out. Detangle the hair under the running water with a wide comb. Dry your hair, you may use the towel, or just let hair air dry.

Last, take the clip out, apply the moisture on the hair, make sure it covers your edges and your wigs or hair extensions because the hair is made of human hair, you can treat it just like your hair. Then use the hair styling gel, pour about quarter size, put it on your edges and the nape, as well as the weaves, brush your edge down carefully. Take the dry oil spray, and spray it all over, moisture the hair and gel it down.
What's more, for girls, pls remember to be confident, you have the hottest looking locks in the gym right now! Don't be afraid to go swimming in your wig or with your hair extensions. if you secure your wig properly, you will have nothing to worry about.

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